I started online coaching Toon in January 2016. Ever since I have been working with his riding in daily basis via emails, messenger/WhatsApp, exchanging videos and pictures.


The online coaching with Toon consists:



-Contest run preparation (build choreography, track the progression of consistency, improve the run for next contest/contest season).


-Advising with videos and pictures to speed up the learning process of new tricks


-Building choreographies for new combos


-Weekly riding schedule (correct rhythm of ride / rest / ride)


-Instruction of applying meditation techniques with riding:

  • Body & mind connection: speeds up learning new tricks and progression of consistency gets faster.


-Daily communication



Achievements of Toon (during last 2 years)


VooDoo Jam Best Trick contest, USA: 1st place

FISE Saudi Arabia: 5th place

FISE Montpellier UCI World Cup: 6th place

IOXC Indonesia: 1st place

Master Of Creativity 2018: 4th place

Thailand championships: 1st place





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