Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which one is right program for me?

If you are striving to become pro or you are pro already but want to make it to finals or top 3 level in the bigger competitions, then I would select "PRO". Daily accountability on your progression and daily feedback from the coach makes a huge difference. In this level the coaching is as profound as it gets, if the rider wants so. If you still want to make it to the pro level or want to improve your riding in general (better contest placings, more tricks, land your tricks more often) but your budget don´t allow PRO program, then the ADVANCED or AMATEUR is the right one for you. Once (AMATEUR) or twice (ADVANCED) a week accountability for your results and feedback from the coach still improves your riding a lot from what you are used to. ADVANCED comes with 5 trick tutorials every week AMATEUR comes with 2 - 3 trick tutorials every week Note: It works like a game: You complete all 5 tricks you get 5 more. If you complete only 1 trick, you will get only 1 new trick for the next week. This is because I do not recommend jumping over tricks or giving up on tricks you felt too difficult. They are all possible to learn, it is just a matter of understanding the right order and right techniques. If your budget don´t allow you to enter PRO, ADVANCED or AMATEURthen the you can choose JUST TRICKS level of coaching. If none of that interests you and you just want to learn new tricks I can do that for you no problem. As straight forward as it gets: Send me an email / DM on Instagram / or use the contact form on this site to explain the trick you want to learn and I get back to you with next steps. The fee for this is 25 € / trick (5 tricks / 100 €. 10 tricks / 180 €) Something to understand here: If you ask me to teach you a Blender (for example), but in reality you might not even know how to do a pedal Timemachine, at least properly. Or you want to learn a Jumplash before you understand how to do a Double Whiplash. In such cases I need to guide you through the process and explain you which tricks you need to learn first in order to learn the trick you really want to learn. Trust me, this is a very common phenomenon and that is again a great example why coaching is as effective as it is. However, once you make your decision to get started with me, I will then email you some questions to find out more about your level. I will then suggest you the right coaching level.

How long until I get good results under your coaching?

I have had people coming in and out from my coaching from 1 month to 6 months. And yes, I can do some improvements with your riding in a short term but to get very good (or at least better) at anything it takes a long term commitment. Usually when a rider approaches me to coach there is some problems (or many problems) with the riding. Usually the problems are: -Landing rate of the combo or tricks are very poor: Maybe a trick can be landed once out of 10 - 20 tries, or maybe it takes even more tries than that. -Rider gets very nervous at the contest and can´t pull anything because of that. -Rider finds it very difficult to learn new tricks. -Etc. So what I am doing with my coaching is that I aim to make a fundamental change on the riders bike control skills which makes riding a whole lot easier and all the problems with riding becomes less disturbing.

Having that explained, that does not happen overnight and I am not providing any "magic tricks" to build your fundamental stronger. Instead, I provide you a systematic way of learning new tricks and getting your existing tricks to the next level. Usually after 1 month rider has adapted something new. After 2 - 3 months the progression is already visible and around 4 - 6 months time there are many "clicks" with riding in general and the learning becomes easier and riding just makes a lot more sense. In other words: Riding becomes more fun because the riding skills are much more profound. I am not too interested to work with riders for 1 - 2 months because I know (based on my experience as a rider and as a coach) that it takes a lot of right kind of work with riding to become good at it. If you don´t want to make a commitment for longer period then I suggest you just reach out me with tricks and select JUST TRICKS program. However, even I am able to teach you how to do that new trick once, in JUST TRICKS section that is all you get. Type in Google: Deliberate practice

Why do you charge for coaching?

During the past couple of years I have received a lot of enquiries to coach and many of them have thought that I do this for free of charge. And as much as I would love to offer all of my services for free that is not possible. I absolutely love helping riders progress their riding but it is still a lot of work I do with each individual. This is not a type of automatized coaching program where I have tons of videos ready to be shared with hundreds of riders. This is fully customized per user type of online coaching service and that means I spend time with writing emails, filming how to videos, explaining on Messenger how to do a trick, tracking progression and talking a lot with the riders. So what I do here behind my computer screen takes a lot of my time and it helps riders to progress with their bikes, that is why it is not a free service.

Why would I commit to your coaching now that I have your consistency system and I can use it by myself and teach others the same system?

Great point! However, it is a different story if you are able to be accountable of your results every day for yourself or at least once a week. The format of consistency is not a big secret. I know some of the pro riders made it to very high level with the 5 in a row system I created around the X-Games era. Then I know some of those pro riders quit already because they got mentally and phsyically exhausted with such system. These days I´m not using 5 in a row method with riders in regular basis but that is one support tactic on top of the daily consistency program I am using. Having these explained, becoming good rider takes a commitment of doing certain things every day. Then rider needs to understand when to rest and how long should be rested to improve the skill level during the rest. Don´t get me wrong; Some of you for sure can do all this alone but right now I am seeing about less than 6 riders in the world who can do almost 100% consistent contest run in the highest level of competing (in regular basis). I am seeing here a HUGE change for the riders who wants to make it into that top 5. Just get your practice right and it is not impossible anymore to think to make it to the top. That takes some time but it is very much possible! Being accountable of your progression to a coach makes the big difference in your progression.

Do I need to speak good English?

No. Basic English is enough. More you spend time with me more you learn English too!

How does the tracking of consistency work?

It is quite straight forward: I send a sheet to the rider after we select the tricks / combos the rider wans to get consistent with. Then the rider marks on the sheet if he/she pulled the trick/combo or not. Then rider sends me a photo of the sheet and from there I type them on my excel and we stay on track how the daily progression goes. Once I see the results I am then able to instruct riders riding (sometimes I need to ask the rider stop doing the consistency training and practice something else and return to it after few days. Or sometimes I see from the results that the rider needs a short or a longer holiday from physical activities). Below you see a summary of someones total consistency from January. Riding this way makes the rider focus a whole lot more on getting combos landed 100% clean with each attempt.

What is mental training?

Quite often our mind has the biggest obstacles when it comes to performing well at the competition. It might be so that the rider is able to pull all the tricks perfectly at his/her homespot, then goes to the competition and the nervousness and anxiety of competing hits so bad that the run ends up being a disaster. If that happens, the skills of the mind are not very developed or at least developed for riding in front of the judges and the spectators. Trust me, this is a very common problem and I am highlighting the importance of training the mind as well. This is of course a tricky one because the progression of the mind is bit more harder to see than "I pulled the trick 10 times in a row! I have practiced a lot" type of thinking. So you can think about it this way: If you have never practiced concentration metdods with your bike you are as much of a beginner with mind control abilities than you would start a completely new sport, something you never tried before. I used many of these techniques when I made my come back to the contest scene in 2015. Because of the mind training I did for the FlatArk that is why I rode very clean in the Final battel of the contest. It made me become consistent much faster and it made me transform the very high pressure of the final battle into a laser sharp focus. And it made me trust myself so much that I took the risk of doing 5 Stemlashes instead of 4 with understanding that I might fall off the stage. What separates this from todays lifecoaching stuff that is available all over the place? I would answer that the Meditation I have practiced 10+ years now has given me enough knowledge (through daily practice) to be able to adapt things from that practice into daily riding practice. However, I would like to highlight here that I am not teaching Zen here nor I am considering myself a meditation teacher. Instead I just offer some very practical advices how to improve with concentration, how to adapt some Mindfullness techniques with riding and how to deal with the pressure when it hits on the stage. I have trained Meditation under an experienced teacher since 6 years who also worked as my mental coach when I got back in shape in 2015. If the rider does not want to involved any of this mind training practices into the riding that is perfectly fine and we don´t need to talk about it. It is entirely up to the rider what he/she wants to be coached at. I can just talk from my experience and share my knowledge. Type in Google: mental training for athletes

How quickly do you get back to me with answers?

INTENSE level: I aim to chat with riders when we are both online. However, I do have obligations in life such as 9to5 job and a family, so sometimes we need to set times when we chat. For Skype/Facetime call we need to schedule a meeting. Emails: within 12 -16 hours. ADVANCED level: During the one day we have scheduled the Messenger chat I am available for 30 minutes. Emails I get back to between 12 - 24hours. AMATEUR level: During the one day we have scheduled the Messenger chat I am available for 30 minutes. Emails I get back to between 12 - 24hours. JUST TRICKS: 24 - 48hours. That is because I might need to go to my spot to film. Then make a simple edit of the video or edit a photo.

Does your videos and photos come with super nice qraphics and great quality?

No. I am not a graphic designer or a professional at filming or editing. I get the job done with videos and pictures, so you clearly understand what you need to do in order to become successfull with the trick you are trying to do. Filming will be done with my Iphone and the edit will be made with Imovie. Very simple way of editing and the texts added on the video are from iMovie. Everything without any special effects or graphic designs. Of course it would be very cool to offer you highly professional looking videos, but unfortunately I don´t have resources to do that at the moment.

Can you teach me tricks that you cannot do?

Yes. It would be silly (or a big lie) to tell you that I can do every single trick out there. However, I have done a lot of tricks out there from many different styles (even backwheel) so I understand how the body / bike / surface angles / etc. should be in the tricks that I have not learn´t myself. And if I cannot explain you something due to not understanding it, I am very honest about it. But so far it hasn´t happened so I am very confident I can give you an answer you are looking for!

What is the minimum commitment time?

For the JUST TRICKS program there is obviously no commitment. Very simple "hit and run" style of teaching. Send in a description of a trick (video where you try that trick) to me and in return I send you instructions. For rest of the levels of coaching the minimum commitment time is 4 - 6 months (ask for more info). During that period if you do what I ask you to do with concentrated mind you will progress. However, coaching should be an ongoing process and it can be so that around 4 - 5 month check point I change the program into something else, depending on your progression. Another thing you need to remember is that this program builds your skills fundamentally. So, I won´t teach you everything right away as you need to grow into the next levels of your riding. If I teach you everything today in theory, you would not learn too much because it would be too overwhelming as an idea to take such huge piece of information at once. Step by step I give you more and more information depending how well you progress.

Can I remain anonymous?

Yes. Some riders don´t want anyone to find out if they are being coached. I am perfectly fine keeping everything confidential if the rider chooses so. Right now I am coaching someone who wishes to be anonymous and I have no problem doing that.

Why online coaching?

I have travelled a lot with riding all over the world (to approx. 60 countries). I have seen many riders from many different countries and everywhere I have been, I have seen the same problems with riding: Riders are struggling to pull their tricks / combos Riders are having hard time to learn new tricks. I take my role as a online coach very serious and my mission is to fix those problems with each one of the riders who join my coaching. That´s why.

Limited availability?

As MK FORMAT is one-on-one coaching platform I as a coach prefer quality over quantity. That means I take my responsbilities as a coach very serious and give each one of the riders time they need to progress. If I take in too many riders at the same time, it might become problematic with my time allocation.

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