1. Change your chainring into a smaller one. I have 22t in front and 9t in rear. You might want to change yours to 20t in front and 9t rear. That is because it will be ligther to pedal which makes it easier to control once the Blender starts to spin. Once you learn it with smaller sprocket you can go back to a bigger sprocket. This will be the most beneficial tip I can give you.

  2. Learn to ride in into the Pedal Timemachine like I do. Many of you go into Pedal Timemachine stepping your other foot on the bottom bracket and that is fine, however I do think it starts the spin too early for the Blender. However, it is definitely possible with stepping on the bottom bracket. My version is just little bit easier.

  3. At this point I am hoping you can actually do Pedal Timemachine properly: Get into it, spin few circles and land it. And to do it properly you should be able to land it correctly almost every time. If you cannot do Pedal Timemachine I promise you that you will never learn Blender. That´s how the world of tricks works like.

  4. Now, your Pedal Timemachine is very good the next step is to do 1 – 1.5 full circles in it, then it is time to lift the bike as upright as you can and sit on the handlebar/stem. Please note that you don´t need to sit on the handlebar with your full weight. Sit on it lightly.

  5. Try not to pedal too fast because it will start spinning too fast and you will lose the control.

  6. Once you get comfortable with pedaling it is time to reach out to the grip and go back to Pedal Timemachine. There is another styles of riding out from the Blender and I would say the easiest “emergency” exit style is to jump on your front pegs and figure out how to go out from there but I did not add it here because for me that is not a correct way but surely it is good to know how to do the emergency exit as well.

  7. MK FORMAT coaching program offers one on one coaching with all tutorials: Send me your video and I explain what you do wrong and give you full support with learning the trick.

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